The Land

Grimm’s Bluff Vineyard sits 300 feet above the Santa Ynez River at an altitude of 850 feet above sea level. The 16.5 acres of vineyard is part of a 246 acre ranch at the South East corner of the Happy Canyon AVA.

About 75 acres of the ranch consisted of two mesas of gently rolling native grass. After testing various locations it was determined that the prime location for the vineyard was 16.5 acres on the southern upper mesa closest to the bluffs overlooking the Santa Ynez River. The soil was found to be consistent across the vineyard area. The top 2-3 feet is mainly sandy loam sitting above a 2-3 foot clay layer. Below the clay is round gravel, rock and sand which used to part of the river bed thousands of years ago.

Warmer climatic conditions swayed us to plant Bordeaux varietals. We planted 65% with 5 clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% with 2 clones of Sauvignon Blanc and a tiny bit of Petit Verdot. Roughly 55% of the vineyard was planted on 6’ by 3’ spaced trellis & 45% was planted “head- trained” on wider 8’ by 3’ spacing.


Philippe Coderey, our biodynamic consultant & Paul Lato, our winemaker began consulting for us months prior to our planting which took place in February & March of 2012.

We all worked closely with Coastal Vineyard Care, our vineyard management company, to insure we enabled the vineyard to produce the highest quality fruit we could possibly produce from this land.

During the growing season, the land is blessed with long hot days, cooler nights and a relieving afternoon wind blowing down the Santa Ynez valley from the west. Biodynamic & organic methodology has been practice from inception. No herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers have been used in this vineyard.